Competitor Comparison

We built Onyx to be fast, resilient and scalable.
In fact, we think it’s the fastest WordPress hosting in the world!

So, how do we compare?

That's a BIG claim - so we thought we'd back it up. The graph below shows the results of our testing.
Onyx is 2x faster than some of our leading competitors!

Competitor Analysis

Test Methodology

Each service has been tested using the Siege stress tester from a system within DigitalOcean's London datacentre.

Testing involved two rounds - In each round 10 concurrent requests to a default WordPress homepage were generated as quickly as they could be processed over the course of 1 minute, repeated 3 times, then with the average result of the 3 tests being taken.

The first round tested cached responses using the provider's default/recommended caching utilities enabled, the second round tested uncached responses with caching disabled to simulate requests to dynamic, uncacheable content. The results of these two rounds were then averaged together to represent a 50% mix of cached/uncached requests.

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