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Network Infrastructure

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The Internet
Clean Traffic
Bad Traffic
1,000 Gbps DDoS Protection
Redundant Connection
Load Balancer
Load Balancer
LXC Container
LXC Container
Container N
Resilient Storage Pool
Maria DB & Redis Cluster
Platform Backups

Our Network

Learn more about what's under the hood and why Onyx is the Wordpress Hosting platform of choice.

Onyx doesn’t rely on local storage - We store 3 copies of your WordPress file data on a globally-accessible NVMe-based storage cluster for optimal latency while allowing your data to be accessed from any host. In this way Onyx is not reliant on any single host node for data access, your site’s containers can run from any machine to address your storage.
Application-level HA by default - Thanks to our shared storage architecture, we provide High Availability by default. All sites run from at least 2 LXC containers which don’t share resources with either other customers or your own sites, this means that should a container or host node fail you’ll always have at least one other online, and a replacement for your failed container will be brought online immediately.
Server-side full page caching - We make use of full-page caching using Nginx to deliver content to your visitors as rapidly as possible. This stores cached copies of your pages directly on our edge load-balancers to ensure optimal response-times and is coupled with a plugin installed to your WordPress install to ensure the cache is updated immediately whenever you make changes to your website.
Multi-master database clustering - We use a dedicated cluster of MariaDB servers maintaining multi-master synchronisation, this means we can effortlessly scale any database cluster to meet demand, and ensure that your database remains both accessible and writeable in the event of a database server failure.

Redis database caching - In addition to a clustered database system Onyx makes use of Redis in-memory caching to store database queries and responses to optimise access speed for frequently-requested data.
DDoS Protection as standard - Our entire network is protected by over 1,000Gbps of DDoS protection. Unlike many DDoS protection systems we don’t simply drop all traffic to the affected target to preserve the rest of the network but actively scrub malicious traffic only, to ensure that even if your site’s being targeted, it stays online.

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